Bulgar Wheat

Bulgar Wheat Meal – Ready to Put Together

I have committed to being honest in this blog.  The fourth dinner of the week, Bulgar Wheat with Squash, Peas, and Onions… well, uh, I didn’t quite get to it…  It’s hard to admit this – we went out to eat! But I had a good reason…  (Heard that before?…)

We belong to a family swimming and workout club that has a restaurant.  There is a quarterly food minimum.  I received notification that I had unspent money left for the quarter which is ending soon.  If you don’t spend the money you pay anyway.  So I decided to eat dinner there and make sure my minimum was spent.

The good news is that this restaurant has just been certified as a “Blue Zones” restaurant. Being a “Blue Zones” restaurant means the restaurant offers healthy meal experiences, from menu choices, to portion sizes, to the promotion of doggie bags, encouraging people to choose healthy and not overeat, a common problem in restaurant eating. … From an economic and nutrition perspective my decision to eat out seems rationale…

That said, I am not going to abandon my bulgar wheat meal.  I learned about bulgar wheat from my friend, Chef Chris, and I really want to try this recipe.  Consistent with my desire to pre-prep dinners, the meal is ready – it just needs to be warmed and served. Earlier in the day on Thursday I cooked the bulgar wheat, roasted the squash, and sautéed the onions. I just have to microwave some peas, and put the whole thing together.

My optimism remains strong.  There is always the possibility of today.

I’ll keep you posted.  Honestly.

Baked Cod with Fall Salsa, Peas, Mango, and a Side Salad

9-27-11 Dinner Blog

Baked Cod with Fall Salsa, Peas, Mango and a Side Salad

Sometimes even with the best planning, dinners don’t always match up with the schedules.  I was out with activities and carpools from 3:30 -6:40 and had a 6:45 speaker that I had signed up to hear.  What was I thinking when I put the fish on the menu for tonight?!?!

Earlier in the day, I took 5 minutes to make the salsa.  Seriously – 5 minutes.  I had already chopped everything up.  I just put it together, added the balsamic vinegar, mixed it together, and put it in the refrigerator.

The good thing is that fish is very easy and very fast.  At 6:40 I got to work.  I turned the oven on to 350, laid the fish on a lightly sprayed roasting pan, sprinkled ½ t salt, 1 t basil and 1 t thyme on top, and slid into the oven.

Baking Cod with Basil, Thyme, Salt

Baking Cod with Basil, Thyme, Salt

While the fish was cooking, I laid out the plates, and added a small side salad topped with carrots and bell peppers pre-cut for the soup on Thursday and the no-oil salad dressing.  I also warmed up a bowl of frozen peas and cut a mango, dividing both peas and mangos across the plates.

8 minutes later the fish was ready, cracking on top and springing back to the touch.  I portioned the fish, topped with the fall salsa and served!

Baked Cod with Fall Salsa, Peas, Mango and a Side Salad

Very fast!!!

The Verdict

The kids LOVED the fish.  It was moist and flavorful.  They each had a small second serving and everyone rated the fish a 9!  The kids thought the fall salsa was OK.  My husband and I loved it, rating the salsa a 9.  It was really tasty with the cod.  It seemed very versatile to us – you could use it on chicken or pork as well.  So fish for all, salsa for adults or sophisticated palates!

Will I make it again? You betcha!