Bulgar Wheat

Bulgar Wheat Meal – Ready to Put Together

I have committed to being honest in this blog.  The fourth dinner of the week, Bulgar Wheat with Squash, Peas, and Onions… well, uh, I didn’t quite get to it…  It’s hard to admit this – we went out to eat! But I had a good reason…  (Heard that before?…)

We belong to a family swimming and workout club that has a restaurant.  There is a quarterly food minimum.  I received notification that I had unspent money left for the quarter which is ending soon.  If you don’t spend the money you pay anyway.  So I decided to eat dinner there and make sure my minimum was spent.

The good news is that this restaurant has just been certified as a “Blue Zones” restaurant. Being a “Blue Zones” restaurant means the restaurant offers healthy meal experiences, from menu choices, to portion sizes, to the promotion of doggie bags, encouraging people to choose healthy and not overeat, a common problem in restaurant eating. … From an economic and nutrition perspective my decision to eat out seems rationale…

That said, I am not going to abandon my bulgar wheat meal.  I learned about bulgar wheat from my friend, Chef Chris, and I really want to try this recipe.  Consistent with my desire to pre-prep dinners, the meal is ready – it just needs to be warmed and served. Earlier in the day on Thursday I cooked the bulgar wheat, roasted the squash, and sautéed the onions. I just have to microwave some peas, and put the whole thing together.

My optimism remains strong.  There is always the possibility of today.

I’ll keep you posted.  Honestly.

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