Baked Cod with Fall Salsa, Peas, Mango, and a Side Salad

9-27-11 Dinner Blog

Baked Cod with Fall Salsa, Peas, Mango and a Side Salad

Sometimes even with the best planning, dinners don’t always match up with the schedules.  I was out with activities and carpools from 3:30 -6:40 and had a 6:45 speaker that I had signed up to hear.  What was I thinking when I put the fish on the menu for tonight?!?!

Earlier in the day, I took 5 minutes to make the salsa.  Seriously – 5 minutes.  I had already chopped everything up.  I just put it together, added the balsamic vinegar, mixed it together, and put it in the refrigerator.

The good thing is that fish is very easy and very fast.  At 6:40 I got to work.  I turned the oven on to 350, laid the fish on a lightly sprayed roasting pan, sprinkled ½ t salt, 1 t basil and 1 t thyme on top, and slid into the oven.

Baking Cod with Basil, Thyme, Salt

Baking Cod with Basil, Thyme, Salt

While the fish was cooking, I laid out the plates, and added a small side salad topped with carrots and bell peppers pre-cut for the soup on Thursday and the no-oil salad dressing.  I also warmed up a bowl of frozen peas and cut a mango, dividing both peas and mangos across the plates.

8 minutes later the fish was ready, cracking on top and springing back to the touch.  I portioned the fish, topped with the fall salsa and served!

Baked Cod with Fall Salsa, Peas, Mango and a Side Salad

Very fast!!!

The Verdict

The kids LOVED the fish.  It was moist and flavorful.  They each had a small second serving and everyone rated the fish a 9!  The kids thought the fall salsa was OK.  My husband and I loved it, rating the salsa a 9.  It was really tasty with the cod.  It seemed very versatile to us – you could use it on chicken or pork as well.  So fish for all, salsa for adults or sophisticated palates!

Will I make it again? You betcha!

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