Teriyaki Chicken With Snow Peas, Bell Pepper and Quinoa

Everyone can dream. My dream is having a “free day” in between Sunday and Monday to get ready for the week. Maybe even half of a day.  Monday’s dinner always seems to sneak up on me… When I can shop on Sunday and do a bit of pre-prep Sunday night, Mondays and the rest of the week go very smoothly.  But shopping on Sundays doesn’t always work out for me.  Therefore: Monday dinners need to be easy.

Tonight’s dinner is easy and delicious. I started dinner later than I wanted to but the dinner was great. (Good things come to those who wait…?) First I pre heated the oven 375. Then I rinsed and cut the chicken into 2″-3″ pieces and placed them in a lightly sprayed roasting pan with a 2″ lip.  I did all 3.5 lbs. of chicken so Thursdays chicken was cooked and ready.

Moving on, I sautéed the bell peppers for about 2 minutes.

Sauteing Bell Peppers

Then I added the snow peas and 1/4 C Braggs Liquid Amino Acids (soy sauce alternative) and cooked for about 2 more minutes. The colors are amazing and enticing.  Make sure you finish the recipe and don’t just eat the veggies!

Sauteing Bell Peppers and Snow Peas

When the bell peppers and snow peas were tender but still a little crunchy, I turned off the heat and set the pan aside.  I mixed the teriyaki and the Braggs Liquid amino acids, poured it over the chicken (all 3.5 lbs.) in the roasting pan, and popped in the oven.

Preparing Chicken Teriyaki

While the chicken was cooking, I made the quinoa. Truth be told, (and I am way too honest  on this site), my notes called for brown rice.  But I didn’t get the brown rice done in time.  I had to create plan B and used quinoa which can be ready in 15-20 minutes.  Given the reality of my schedule and the unpredictable nature of my days, quinoa is a quick, healthy alternative that I keep in my pantry.

The quinoa and chicken were ready at about the same time.  I quickly re-warmed the bell peppers and snow peas and began to plate the meal.  First I portioned some quinoa in the bottom of the bowl.  I added some chicken and some sauce, followed by the bell peppers and snow peas.

Quinoa as the base for chicken teriyaki

Adding chicken teriyaki on top of the quinoa

Chicken Teriyaki with Bell Peppers and Snow Peas over Quinoa

The Verdict

A 10 all around!  Everyone loved this dinner!  My kids love teriyaki flavor and even the veggies were well received. So while I can’t get an extra 1/2 day to get ready for the week, I can make meals that are easy, simple, colorful, and delicious – a dream dinner!


Teriyaki Chicken With Snow Peas, Bell Pepper and Quinoa

Serves 2 Adults and 2 Kids + 1-2 lunches

Teriyaki Chicken with Snow Peas, Bell Peppers and Quinoa


1.75 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast – Use 3.5 lbs. if you are going to prep the chicken for the chicken stir fry later in the week.

1 C teriyaki sauce – look for low sodium and no preservatives

3/4 C Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, divided

1 C Quinoa

1 bell pepper, cut into thin strips

1/2 lbs. snow peas, rinsed

1 pinch brown sugar


Pre Heat Oven 375

1. Rinse and cut chicken into 2 -3″ chunks. Ideally prepare an additional 1.75 lbs. of chicken for the chicken stir fry later in the week – you can store it in the refrigerator until you need it later in the week.

2.  Put into a lightly sprayed baking/ roasting pan.

3.  Place bell pepper strips in a lightly sprayed skillet over medium heat for 2 minutes. Add snow peas, 1/4 C Braggs Liquid Amino Acids, a pinch of brown sugar and sauté 3-4 minutes until just tender. Set aside.

4.  Combine teriyaki and 1/2 C of Braggs Liquid Amino Acids and pour over chicken.

5.  Pop in oven for 20 minutes or until chicken springs back to the touch and is not pink inside. Reserve 1/2 the chicken for Thursday night.

6. Follow package directions and make Quinoa.

7. When Quinoa is done, remove from heat.  Let sit with lid on until you are ready to serve.

8. Serve by placing a serving of quinoa in the bottom of wide shallow bowl or plate.  Top with chicken and vegetables.

9. Make sure to drip some teriyaki-Braggs sauce on top for an extra juicy meal!

10. Save all leftovers for the chicken stir fry night.  You should have some chicken, bell peppers and snow peas left. Save them in the Braggs sauce in the refrigerator.

11. Smile knowing that you’ve gotten 75% of the chicken stir fry meal prepared!

Pre Prep Opportunities

1. Rinse and cut chicken ahead of time and store in refrigerator.

2. Cut bell pepper ahead of time and store in refrigerator.

3. Make entire meal ahead of time. Store components separately in the refrigerator.  Warm when ready, put together, and serve