Braised Chicken Gumbo

9-29-11 Dinner Blog

Making Braised Chicken Gumbo - sauteing bell peppers and flour

Admittedly, there was a little less chaos in the house at dinnertime last night.  I am not saying chaos was absent; it was just not at the level of Tuesday evening…

I began by getting out the “bland” Tomato-Herb Chicken and shredding the meat with 2 forks.  I was a bit worried that I was already at a disadvantage since the first night’s meal was lacking in flavor, but I pushed that thought to the back recesses of my mind, and forged ahead.

Then I dripped 1 T canola oil down the side of a saucepan over medium heat and turned the pan so the oil covered the surface.  I added the bell peppers and 2 T flour, stirring about 2 minutes, until the peppers began to soften and the flour was golden brown.  Next, I scooped 2 ½ cups of the chicken and sauce, and poured 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth, followed by 1 cup sliced okra (I bought it frozen), 1 cup pre-cooked rice (which I had already made on Monday), and 1/8 t of cayenne pepper (add more if you like it really spicy).

Making Braised Chicken Gumbo - sauteing bell peppers and flour

I brought the entire mixture to a boil, simmered for 10 minutes and served.

FYI – I went light on the kids’ servings not knowing if they would like it or not… I was also afraid the kids might react to the cayenne negatively.  I had more than 2 ½ cups of Tomato-Herb Chicken, so I portioned the kids’ bowls with a ratio of ½ gumbo and ½ Tomato-Herb Chicken to dilute the cayenne a bit.

Additionally, I was originally going to serve fruit and a side salad with this meal, but this one dish meal looked so hearty, and I was exhausted, so I decided to keep it simple and just go with the gumbo.  If you have more energy than I did last night, prepare some fruit or a side salad while the gumbo is simmering for 10 minutes.

Total time:  About 22 minutes!

The Verdict

Two thumbs up!  Redemption!  From bland to flavorful!  Everyone really enjoyed the gumbo and found it very satisfying.  9’s from my husband and son and an 8.5 from my daughter – who reminds me that 8.5 is an excellent score…

Everyone had a little bit more.  My son tried the Braised Chicken Gumbo straight, and loved it!  My daughter, always sensitive to spice, preferred the ½ and ½.

Sorry I have no pictures to share but I totally forgot!  This is the first time since June 7th that I missed taking photos before we sat down to eat!  I can’t believe one of my kids didn’t remember!  So sorry!  Trust me, it looked good! 🙂


1 Diced bell pepper – any color

2 T Flour

2 1/2 C Tomato-Herb Chicken (see 9-27-11 recipe)

2 C Low sodium chicken broth

1 C Sliced okra

1 C Cooked rice

1/8 – 1/4 t Cayenne pepper

1. Heat oil in saucepan.

2. Add bell pepper and flour.  Stir 2 minutes until softened.

3. Add Tomato-Herb Chicken, chicken broth, okra, rice, cayenne pepper.

4. Bring to a boil. Simmer 10 minutes.  Serve.

5. See if you don’t think about Mardi Gras in 22 minutes!

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